Five Ways to Pull Yourself Out of Debt


According to current estimates, Americans owe a total of $11.19 trillion dollars in debt. If you owe money and you’re wondering how to pull yourself out of the financial hole you’ve created, we’ve got you covered with the following 5 tips to pull yourself […]

5 Clues Your Identity Has Been Stolen


Being the victim of identity theft is never a fun thing to go through. There are so many security breaches and countless methods of gaining access to your information. So while you may not be able to prevent becoming a victim of ID theft […]

5 Myths About Bankruptcy Proven Wrong


Bankruptcy is considered one of the worst things that can happen to your credit. Typically, filing for bankruptcy can hurt your score more than 200 points. With the economic recession impacting millions of Americans, numerous myths are floating around about bankruptcy. Read on to […]

How To Change Bad Financial Habits


Everybody has habits. There are two kinds of habits: good habits, and bad ones. You need to build up your good habits, or else, your bad habits will take you to the poor house. Many people don’’t manage to save money or build up […]

Top 3 Ways Credit Cards Make People Happy


It’s very easy to figure out the ways credit cards make people unhappy. Being in debt and having bad credit being two of those reasons. It’s easy to go crazy when you have a mounting of debt facing you. It’s easy to feel trapped, […]

Avoid Scam Sites Offering Free Credit Scores


If you use the internet with any frequency, you have probably seen those banner ads or even those large display ads that offer free credit scores. Many are quite tricky wherein they ask a poll and when you fill it out; it leads you […]

You Are Not Defined By Your Credit Score


There are many things that define a person. It all depends on what you choose to define you. Some people choose to be defined by their past experiences while others, by their goals and dreams. In any case, you need to pick a personal […]