Here’s What People Are Saying About Spread Betting

Before we look at what people are saying about spread betting, it is important that we understand what spread betting is. Spread betting refers to the act where private investors use hard cash to back their hunches. It allows individuals to speculate whether the […]

5 Tips For Reducing Your Spending


If money burns a hole in your pocket, you may have a spending problem. Many people seem to consistently spend more money than they make, leaving many families in a bleak financial situation that takes years to rectify. Instead of falling into a money […]

5 Things That Hurt Your Credit Score


Credit is a tricky thing to master and unfortunately, it’s one of the most important factors when trying to make a major purchase such as for a car or home. Most people don’t understand why their credit scores fluctuate and how their daily spending […]

Beat Inflation With Your Credit Card


You have a lot of enemies when you use your credit card. Obviously, your main enemy is the interest rate your credit card company charges. In fact, the credit card company is hoping that you don’t pay off your balance so they can ding […]

Five Ways to Make Paying Bills More Pleasant


Paying bills doesn’t have to be a groan-worthy task. While the job could be called “drudgery” or described as “painful,” it is possible to have fun while fulfilling your financial obligations. Try some of these ideas: Reward Yourself You don’t have to spend money […]

Debt vs. Retirement: How to Balance Both


It is everyone’s dream to have a comfortable retirement. That is, we all desire to get to a point where we do not have to work to earn a living yet we can relax and relish the pleasures of life without undergoing financial stress. […]

9 Tips to Make Your Debt Repayment Easier


According to statistics, the average credit card debt of a U.S. household is over $15,000, and ignoring it or wishing it away just doesn’t work. With the high interest rates compounding what you already owe, it’s time to get a serious strategy in place […]