Top Reasons Why Your Bank Account Is Being Bled Dry

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Top Reasons Why Your Bank Account Is Being Bled Dry

Right now you should be living it up. You’ve got a nice income, a cushy job that pays OK, and some savings. But something is wrong. Every time you go to the bank, you never seem to have any money in your current account. You put this down to bills – after all, things likeeducation and healthcare are so expensive these days. But are regular old bills the real source of the problem? Surely they shouldn’t be bleeding your bank account dry.

In this post, we’re going to take an honest look at some of the main ways your account can be bled dry. So let’s get started.

Identity Theft

Thieves are always looking for new ways to get hold of money that they haven’t earned. And in today’s information age, all they need to do is convince a computer that they are, in fact, you. Fraudsters want things like credit card security codes, bank statements, and your driving license.

Think back for a moment and consider whether anybody could have seen any of these items and gleaned confidential information. If you notice random payments you didn’t make, missing from your account, it could be that you have been the victim of a fraud.

Thieving Spouse

The reason your bank account never seems to have any money in it isn’t because you’ve been the victim of fraudsters. It’s because you’re being stolen from by your own spouse.Financial infidelity is a serious problem right now, and it’s only getting worse.

Look out for things like excessive shopping, new spending patterns and randomly opened accounts.


Online banking is a heck of a lot more secure than it used to be. But that doesn’t mean that fraudsters can’t still get hold of your passwords and PIN numbers.

One scam is to get malware downloaded onto your computer. Once it’s there, it sits secretly in the background, recording all your keystrokes. Every once in awhile, you’ll log onto your online banking. And when you do this, the keylogger will record your password and other vital information.Sophisticated fraudsters won’t immediately move to empty your bank account. They know that the banks are savvy to this type of thing, and probably won’t let the transaction through.

Instead, they’ll lie in wait, just taking small sums of money from your account, without you noticing at first that they are even there. But taking a small amount often can have a devastating effect on your bank account. So check your bank statements for withdrawals you cannot account for. If you find any, set new passwords and PINs and ask your bank for a new card.

Financial Apathy

Lastly, you’ll never have any money if you don’t pay any attention to what you have. If you just leave your finances to take care of themselves, they won’t. They’ll end up like the children in Lord Of The Flies.

If you want to sort your finances out, evaluate your outgoings each week. Check whether you’re spending your money on things you actually want, or whether it’s all going to pay for stuff you don’t want or need.