Top 3 Ways Credit Cards Make People Happy

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Top 3 Ways Credit Cards Make People Happy

It’s very easy to figure out the ways credit cards make people unhappy. Being in debt and having bad credit being two of those reasons. It’s easy to go crazy when you have a mounting of debt facing you. It’s easy to feel trapped, when all the money that you earn during the month goes to rent, food and credit cards with nothing left over for you to save or have fun with.

With that said, having credit cards can also make you happy. The truth is that the credit card is really just a tool. If you use this tool the right way, it will not only do certain jobs for you, but it can also make you happy.

Here are the top three ways credit cards make people happy:

1. They Offer Peace Of Mind

When you have a credit card with a high credit limit, you gain a certain level of peace of mind. Sure, this is not money that you own and this is not money in the bank; however, when you know that you could always use your credit card whenever an emergency comes up or when you need a lot of money quickly; this gives you a measure of peace of mind.

Peace of mind goes a long way; in fact, a peace of mind is the difference between a person who feels broke all the time and a person who feels contented and financially secure. It feels good knowing that when your television or refrigerator breaks, you can just go to the store and buy another one on a credit card the same day.

2. You Can Buy Stuff When You Like

People feel certain oppression when they feel deprived. When you don’t have the money or means to buy the things that you like when you like, you feel deprived, you feel there’s not enough, you feel that you’re squeezed; you feel that life is not as it should be.

Credit cards remove that feeling because you can buy stuff you like whenever you want. So when you’re at the store and see a piece of clothing you want, you can buy it on a Thursday with your credit card even though you get your paycheck on Friday.

3. You Can Keep Up With Your Friends

While many people think that this is not one of the benefits of having credit cards, the truth of the matter is that people are by nature “animals of conformity”. We like to keep up with the Jones’, we like to have what they are having, we like to have the same cars, and we have to live in the same type of houses they living. So on and so forth. This is human nature – conformity.

So when you have credit cards, you can keep up with your friends to a certain level. You have to use it responsibly however, or else it can lead you to a debt hole, and instead of you gaining all the three benefits spelled out by this article, you will end up being more miserable.

2 thoughts on “Top 3 Ways Credit Cards Make People Happy

  1. These are so true. I feel some sort of comfort and secure when I think I can use my credit card whenever I like something. I do not have to make any compromise with my likeness.

  2. This is the danger of these little pieces of plastic, they make us think we can live a lifestyle that should be inaccessible to us. I got into thousands of dollars worth of personal consumer debt trying to pretend to be someone I wasn’t. If you become genuinely more happy by using your credit card, it is time to go cold turkey!

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