Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter

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Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter

So you get your credit report and notice a mistake on it. Don’t despair, there is a way to remove errors on your credit report. You’ll need to compose a credit report dispute letter. Get your credit report from the major credit bureaus like Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. See if the mistake shows up on all 3 or on only one or two of them. Send the letter to the one(s) who have the mistake on it. You should also alert the company who reported the inaccurate information so they can correct their records as well.

Here is a sample credit report dispute letter.


Name of Credit Bureau
Mailing Address of Credit Bureau
City, State, Zip

Recently I obtained a copy of my credit report and have found incorrect information.

I have attached a copy of my credit report with the items I am disputing circled in red.

This item (identity the precise one), which is a (identify what it is) is inaccurate because (explain why).

I am attaching copies of (explain what documentation you are providing as proof such as payment records) to support my claim.

Please re-investigate this and delete the disputed items as soon as possible.

Your Name

4 thoughts on “Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter

  1. I’d like to report that I submitted a letter like this and it worked. Mind you I had my ducks in order as they say.

    It was an old debt (Verizon Wireless cell phone bill) that had been paid off and the account was closed in good standing.

    It took a while but eventually it was removed from my credit and I noticed a jump in my score, so make sure and check your credit report every year because stuff like this goes on all the time.

  2. I have also found that sending a letter to the company who has made the mistake works as well. They have an obligation to fix these errors if they are adversely impacting your credit.

  3. I have attached a photo copy of the credit report that I have received last week. After going through the report completely I have noticed that there are some errors in few of the items in the report. I have circled the errors in the copy that I have attached.

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