About Me

My name is Edwin and I am here to help you get out of debt once and for all.

Debt is one of the worst things you can have in this world. It’s worse than being broke because when you’re in debt the money you’re making isn’t even yours, it’s already earmarked for someone else. Worse yet, debt is a payment you make for things you already bought that are often times no longer worth much.

I created this blog for two reasons. First of all to make money because that’s what I do. Second, to help educate the masses on finding solutions to their debt problems. That’s the key here: solutions. If it’s a man-made problem then man (or woman but you know what I mean) can solve it.

So no matter what types of financial issues you’re having, there is a path to financial freedom. Others life myself have carved it and now it’s on you to follow the path that leads you out of debt and into the freedom.

About Me

Find Success And Win At Money

First a bit about me. I am a 30-something year old guy from southern California. I work from home running several blogs like this one. I realized at a young age that if you want to make it in life, you don’t need to know about cars, computers or real estate. Frankly, you need to know about money.

So I spent my life learning how the rich get rich. What I learned is the rich mindset is simple: use money to make money. That means that true wealth is obtained through investing, not by working a 9 to 5!

This is why I have decided to live my life to be debt-free and save as much money as possible in order to invest as much money as possible.

Are you in debt? I know the feeling. I have been in debt countless times throughout my life and every single time I have managed to dig myself out. In this blog I want to share with you some of the methods I’ve used to free myself from the chains of debt.

How I’ve Gotten Out Of Debt Over And Over Again

How I Paid Off All My Debt

Here are just some of the ways I have gotten out of debt in my life:

I sold my house for a profit and paid off all my debt. Win!

I downgraded my living situation in order to have a lower mortgage payment. Win!

I sold most of my belongings to pay off debt. I had a pool table, air hockey table, large dining room set, an expensive headboard for my bed. Heck, I even sold my plants and rocks and leveled my back yard. Win!

I now live a minimalist lifestyle as I have realized that physical possessions to not add value to my life. Win!

I now make six figures per year and still own a 17-year-old car. Double Win!

I work from home running blogs and hardly spend a cent because I trade services with others instead of exchanging money. Win!

I opened a new credit card with an  18 month 0% interest offer and moved over $10,000 worth of debt  into the card. I then worked my butt off and paid it off in less than one year and didn’t pay a red cent in interest! Win!

When mortgage interest rates were low I refinanced at just the right time and took out equity in my home to pay off my debt. Even though I took money out, my payment was still lower than before. Win Win!

I purposefully changed my withholding to get a large tax refund. I then used all of my tax refund to pay off high interest debt. Win!

I consolidated my credit card debt by getting a loan from LendingClub at a lower interest rate. Win!

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How Rich People Make A Lot Of Money

I am now proud to say that I am 100% debt-free and I believe the main reason that has happened is because I changed my financial mindset. It wasn’t that I made a lot of money.

People who make a lot of money are in debt just as much as people who don’t make a lot of money. It’s all in the mind. It took me a while to figure that out but I’m glad I finally did. And I hope you can too.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me here.