5 Things To Buy After Christmas

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5 Things To Buy After Christmas

With the holidays finally over and the new year approaching there are plenty of great deals to be had on a huge variety of items. Shop now and reap the rewards of discounted goods. Use your gift cards to take advantage of these excellent bargains before it’s too late. Read on to discover 5 things to buy after Christmas.

1. Christmas decor

After the holidays are over, Christmas decor goes on sale for 50% off at many stores. Take advantage of these sale prices to buy everything from trees to greeting cards at a great price. Stash the decorations until next year when you can use them or sell them in brand-new condition before the holiday for a handsome profit.

2. Electronics

Between Christmas and New Years is a great time to take advantage of electronics sales. Manufacturers are trying to clear old stock of current model’s to make year for the new designs coming out in January. Retailers are also offering discounts at this time to make a final push for sales before the calendar year is over. Take advantage of the incentives to make a great electronic purchase for a fraction of the price it was just a week prior.

3. Cold weather apparel

Retailers start selling Spring items once winter begins. Since the official start of winter is December 21st, retailers bring out their spring apparel in January. Look for plenty of clearance deals after Christmas on sweaters, long-sleeve tops, boots, gloves and hats. On January 1st, most cities still have more than half of their winter remaining, with the heaviest snow fall amounts often occurring in January and February in the Northeastern states. Take advantage of post-Christmas sales to snag some bargains to keep you warm and your wallet fat.

4. Calendars

The closer to the new year that you get, the cheaper calendars will get. By the time Christmas is over, most people already have their calendar for the new year, so you can get some great last-minute deals on 2013 calendars and planners. While the deals will be better after January 1st, if you want a decent selection you should shop as close to the new year as possible without going over.

5. Groceries

Shopping for food the day after Christmas doesn’t top most people’s to-do lists, but post-Christmas food sales are often the best. You can get turkey’s, ham and other seasonal favorites for incredibly cheap prices and as a bonus most grocery stores aren’t very busy on December 26th. Shop now for your New Year’s party and avoid the crowds while getting some great bargains. If your grocery store closes on Christmas, take a look at the meat department to find manager’s specials, then freeze the meat until you need it.

There are plenty of post-Christmas deals to be had if you know what to look for. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or another holiday, the post-season rush is a great time to score some special bargains.