Where To Find Coupon Codes

Savvy shoppers know full well about clipping coupons. Paper coupons have been around for ages and they’re a valuable tool for saving money at the grocery store or a local retail store. But shopping isn’t just done at brick and mortar stores. Online shopping will soon account for 10% of all retail sales which is nearly 300 billion dollars. If you have used paper coupons before but have not yet used online coupons, then this article is perfect for you.

Online coupons, commonly known as coupon, promo, discount or voucher codes, work similar to paper coupons. You visit an online store, add a product to the cart, then you go to check-out. On that page there is a promo code box where you can enter in an alphanumeric code that will unlock super savings.

When people are asked why they do not use coupon codes when shopping online, the most common answer is that they simply do not know where to find them. This excuse is simply not a valid one. It is far easier to find an online coupon code than to find a paper coupon. But how do you find promotional codes? It’s not that difficult, they are everywhere. Stores want you to use coupon codes to entice you to make a purchase. If you’re on the search for promo codes, here are some good places to start.

  • The website itself. Sometimes when you want to find a coupon code, it couldn’t be any easier than simply by visiting the website you’re shopping on. Often times websites hold promotions like 15% off everything on a specific day or free shipping on orders over $50. Sometimes you’ll need to enter a code other times you won’t.
  • Coupon code sites. Some of the most popular coupon code sites include: retailmenot.com, couponcabin.com, ebates.com and savings.com. Before you shop anywhere, make sure and visit one of these coupon sites to save some money while shopping online.
  • Newsletters. Many online retailers share coupon codes with their newsletter subscribers. Go to their site and sign up for the newsletter and you might get a coupon code emailed to you in your welcome email.
  • Google. If you’re shopping at a smaller store you may have some trouble finding coupon codes for that particular site. Go to Google and search for the following (using quotes): “store name” “coupon code”. Go to the first few sites and see if there’s a working code in the search results.

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  1. marcus

    mefindcoupon.com, retailmenot, couponcabin always has working codes.

  2. Coupons Code

    I have a $15 off general admission coupon code for Universal Studios, CA. However, I am unable to find the place where this coupon needs to be entered. I have used several online coupon before and the coupon has to be usually entered in the cart under the view cart tab. However, it doesn’t seem very intuitive while using the universal studios website. Thanks for all the help and fuck you bullshitters 🙂

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