How To Use A Debt Consolidation Calculator

Most of the major sites offering debt consolidation have a debt calculator. You can use this to provide an estimate of the amount you are likely to save, using the services of a debt consolidation agency. The calculator will help you by calculating the amount you will be required to pay per month.

Information you’ll need to enter in the calculator will include an estimate of your total debt, repayments you are currently making,
interest rate being charged by the lenders on these repayments and the terms of repayment.

You will also need to enter your credit card debt, any mortgage loan, car loans, and any other loans you have. You will also need to enter your Zip Code and your tax rate.

The calculator will then give you an idea of how much you could save if you rolled up all your debt into one loan and use that to pay off your other debts.

It will also give you an idea of how long it will take to pay off this new loan, making regular monthly payments, and how you can adjust these payments if you want to pay off faster.

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