Get Rid Of Your Old Stuff To Get Rid Of Your Debt

Have a garage sale. A garage / yard sale is an excellent way of getting rid of your cheapest items. Make sure and have plenty of items and include a variety of things from furniture to decorations to pants.

Re-gift. Undoubtedly you receive birthday and Christmas presents every year you don’t want. Keep a mental note of who gave you the gift and re-gift your unwanted presents to others.

eBay. Go through your house and find some old items you no longer need. eBay is good for selling things like used laptops, cell phones or digital cameras.

Craigslist. If you have larger items that are taking up unnecessary space of your house and want to get rid of them you could list them on craigslist. You could sell your old refrigerator, desk or sofa there.

Bartering. There are bartering sites that allow you to swap your items with others. Clothing can be exchanged at For books, visit

Gift cards. If you have un-used gift cards don’t feel obligated to use them. You can sell / trade them online at countless sites.

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  1. Denise Cooper

    Good piece of advice because not only does it declutter your house but you make some money in the process.

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