Avoid Scam Sites Offering Free Credit Scores

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Avoid Scam Sites Offering Free Credit Scores

If you use the internet with any frequency, you have probably seen those banner ads or even those large display ads that offer free credit scores. Many are quite tricky wherein they ask a poll and when you fill it out; it leads you to credit score websites. Many of these websites offer so called free credit scores.

The bad news is that they are not free. All of these free credit scores sites are not free. How could these sites operate if they didn’t charge a penny? They are only doing this because they are getting something in return.

Still, many people get tricked into clicking their ads and end up going to a page where they are asked to enter their credit card information. This is a big warning sign. Why do they need your credit card number if it’s truly free? The moment you get on to a page that asks for your credit card information, whatever data that you will be getting from this is not free.

You can get your credit scores easily

The good news is that if you really want to find out where you stand with all the credit bureaus, you only need to contact these agencies directly. You just need to follow the instructions on their websites. It really is that plain.

Just follow their protocols and you will get the information you are looking for. There are no credit card forms to fill out, no hassles and definitely no surprises when you get your billing statement at the end of the month. It is in the interest of these bureaus that their consumers check their credit scores so that they can fix this for them. Everybody wins in this respect.

Beware of “bait-and-switch” scams

As mentioned above, many of these free credits course websites are really “bait-and-switch” operations. They either lure you with one dollar for processing something that is free or they outright say that this is free. However, the problem arises when you enter your credit card information and get charged. At the very least you might be spammed by “related offers”. So you have to be careful.

Pay attention to sites that ask for your credit card information

Once again, the moment you see a page that asks for credit card information, this should be the indication that you need to click the “back” button. The information you are looking for is obviously not free if your credit card information is being requested. You don’t want to get a nasty surprise when you get your billing statement at the end of the month and see that you got a charge from these websites.