Are You In Serious Financial Trouble Yet?

Credit Card Debt

If you are really concerned about debt, asking yourself these questions will let you know if you are heading for, or you’re already in, serious financial trouble.

  1. Have you any idea of the total amount of money you owe in loans and credit cards? If you can’t answer YES to this question chances are you’re already in big trouble.
  2. Are your credit cards at the maximum credit or close to it? If you answer YES to this question then you really are in very big financial trouble.
  3. Do you and your spouse/partner constantly battle over the bills you owe? If your answer is YES and you want to stop the war, you are going to have to clear those debts.
  4. Do you use your credit cards to buy staple goods like the weekly groceries? Well you have got to stop this habit, because if you don’t, you are never going to reduce your debt.
  5. Do your next month’s bills land on your doorstep before you have even paid last months bills? If your answer is YES then you should seek help from a debt counselor.

2 thoughts on “Are You In Serious Financial Trouble Yet?

  1. If you are in this kind of trouble, it’s time to start selling your stuff on ebay and changing your way of life, immediately.

  2. To stay out of financial trouble you should always have an emergency fund put in place just in case.

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