8 Ways Going Paperless Can Save Money

Going paperless can not only help the environment but it can also help you save money too.

  1. Utilities. Most companies who charge a monthly will offer you an option of going paperless. This way when your monthly bill comes in you get an email with a .pdf file or an alert to log into your account to download your statement. Some companies offer a $5 statement credit when you make the switch. Think about what you do with your statements, do you keep them or throw them away? You don’t need them, so opt to go paperless.
  2. Gift wrapping. The important thing is the gift, not the wrapping. Don’t add tissue paper inside either. These things are always discarded afterward.
  3. Greeting cards / Invitations. You can do these things online or by phone. This goes for thank you cards as well. By doing so you won’t have to pay a few bucks for every piece of paper that will be thrown away anyway.
  4. Printing. Do you need to print as much as you do? If you order something online you don’t need to print the order confirmation page. You’ll get an email with that information. By not printing you’ll save yourself the hefty cost of printer ink.
  5. Books. There’s no need to buy new books for the most part. You can borrow them at the library or buy a used book. Better yet, buy the eBook version and read it on your iPad, Kindle or on your laptop.
  6. Junk mail. If you hate the junk mail you receive daily you can reduce the amount of junk mail you get by opting out at dmaconsumers.org
  7. Bags. Bring your own bags to the grocery store to avoid using paper or plastic bags. You won’t save money with this one but you will help the environment, which takes me to my last point.
  8. Environment. Going paperless saves the environment from being polluted. This is the greatest investment you can make for future generations.

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  1. Cindy Rose

    Thanks for sharing this long list. I know I personally throw away so many papers every day. It’s just a bunch of money being wasted, but it’s cheap so what do they care. I’m going to see what I can start doing to eliminate the stacks of paper that fill up my trashcans so fast.

  2. Roman Fitzgerald

    Another thing is that with digital cameras you don’t need to have prints of your pictures anymore. You can keep them on a CD or a drive and can share them with others on your TV or email them.

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