70 Trades, Is It A Scam? No!

Financial Info

Today I am going to give you my honest review of the forex broker: 70 Trades. I’ll also give you an overview in my 70 Trades review of what they have to offer both newbie investors as well as seasoned investors alike. The 70Trades is an online brokerage firm that is different among the rest and the name comes from how its creators learned that it actually takes about 70 trades for an investor to become an experienced trader.

70 Trades Philosophy

Among next generation forex brokers, 70 Trades is the clear leader. Their unique approach to providing educational resources, giving more control to their users and their full mobile capability means that customers can truly maximize their trading skills here. The creators of the 70 Trades platform named it that for a reason. Let me explain to you the unique reason: the creators learned that it takes an estimated number of 70 trades in order for an investor to become an experienced trader. 70 Trades does everything within its power to help develop their new traders and give them the experience they need in order to make successful trades. Rather than letting their new users rely solely on trial and error, the team behind 70 Trades provide plenty of educational resources to its members. When that’s not enough, there’s customer service that is available to answer any and all of their questions, 24 hours a day, five days per week. Of course there are always risks with trading. 70trades offers some protections for their traders to ease fears and keep traders from losing everything they have invested. One of the ways they keep their client’s money safe is through the partnerships they have with several banks.

70 Trades Caters To Every Level

While you may be thinking that 70 Trades mostly focuses solely on helping the new investor learn the ropes and make his first trade, you would be mistaken. In fact, 70 Trades is a good service for every level of investor. No matter your experience, there are training programs for each level. The levels are: entry level, advanced level and the pro level. Each of these levels has their own unique tailored training programs. Take a look at their educational resources once you create your account, they are second to none. 70trades assistance doesn’t stop once a user goes from being new and inexperienced to advanced or professional. They have professional training courses as well as investor’s guides to assist those who already have some investment knowledge and experience. This can help those traders take it to the next level in their investing even with higher risks. Not only is it easy to reach 70trades, they also offer 24/7 multilingual support to their users. Withdrawals are easy and traders have complete access and control over their accounts. They also offer one click trading to keep it simple and easy to use them for your trading needs. A lot of beginner traders rely on trial and error which causes lost of opportunity and even money. 70Trades does everything that they can to assist you new traders develop skills to be familiar with trade so it’s possible that even on an early trade, you can make it a great one and at the same time learn the ins and outs of this type of investment.

70 Trades Tools Of The Trade

In order to make the best use of the service, 70 Trades offers quite a few trading tools to help their clients. The first one I’ll mention is their Portfolio Builder. It’s not quite like a robo-advistor, but similar in that by describing your trading goals and current financial situation, a portfolio can be built with your best interests and desires in mind. 70 Trades offer a lot of trading tools that can assist traders of all levels to make the best use out of this service. One of the best tools that they do offer is the Portfolio Builder. This is unlike any other robo-advisors as this tool allows you to fine-tune your portfolio to your specific trading style. Another tool that they offer is Asset Graphing, which is a visual tool. This allows users to see the composition of their portfolios with just a click. Another feature I enjoyed using was their Assets Graphing tool. With this unique and useful tool, users can quickly glance at their portfolios and see how they are distributed. These visualizations are very helpful in letting you see the big picture.

70 Trades Offers Coaching

Don’t think that 70 Trades just wants you to sign up and then they throw you to the dogs, to go out there and learn all by yourself. That’s not what happens at all. One of the big pluses of 70 Trades is that they offer coaching. Online trading courses, one on one coaching, and training sessions for the different experience levels for their users are some of the ways 70trades educates their clients. They also offer webinars with other investors from across the globe that can provide support to their users. There are a plethora of educational materials inside geared towards beginners, experienced and even professional traders. In addition to that there are also courses for gold, silver, oil and commodity traders.


From what I can tell, it is clear that 70 Trades wants to turn their customers into long term clients. Their resources show that they are committed to your success, so they have invested in educating and helping you along the way. With so many different companies competing for your business it can be difficult to determine which company is a good choice for you to invest with. Although there are some shady brokers out there, 70trades is not a scam. There are already plenty of reviews from users as well as other reliable sources that indicate 70 trades is a company that is here to stay. In addition, from all appearances, it looks like we may be hearing more about them in the future. So if you want to dive into the world of forex trading, consider choosing 70 Trades as your preferred online broker. You already know how strongly we’re in favor of this service.