3 Ways To Lower Your Home Heating Bill

Energy costs have never been higher than they are now. Families across America are struggling to cope with the rising costs of home heating. This is especially true for those living with a fixed income. It seems that everything from fuel to groceries go up but wages do not. Since there is nothing you can do to change the prices, perhaps you should look into how you can reduce your monthly energy bill instead.

  1. Go around your home and check for leaks and cracks where air seeps in. Good places to look for are around the window and the doors. If you find any gaps block them with weather strips. If you find any cracks get some insulation foam. Insulation foam containers have a straw at the top that will enable you to fill even the tiniest cracks.
  2. Check your air conditioner to make sure the filter is not clogged with dirt. If it is, clean it out. Dirty clogged filters mean your unit has to stay on longer and work harder trying to filter the air and this leads to more expenses.
  3. If your thermostat is not a programmable one, replace it with one that is. This will allow you to set a lower temperature at night when you are sleeping, or during the day if you are out at work.

If you carry out the simple adjustments mentioned above you are bound to see a reduction in your monthly energy bill.

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