3 Tips To Save Money On Gas

As we all know, the price of gas is constantly on the rise and every time we fill the tank it seems to cost us more than the time before. The three tips outlined below surely won’t drop the price of gas but if you put them to use they will certainly help you to make a tank of gas last longer and will reduce your regular trips to the gas station.

  1. First and most important, make sure that your car engine is tuned up and that your air filter is clean. Also that your tires are properly inflated (see manufacturers recommendations)
  2. When driving your car, try to avoid making quick starts or stops. Doing all this will mean that your car burns less fuel. This is why freeway driving wastes less gas than street driving. Try accelerating slowly from red lights and coasting toward red lights to save fuel.
  3. Consider forming a carpool. If you go to school or work ask around if anybody wants to form a carpool. You’ll all save money in the process. Get together with them and share the driving and fuel costs.
  4. Find cheaper gas. Use a mobile app on your smartphone to locate the cheapest gas stations in your area. Sites like gasbuddy.com also allow you to do this from home.

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