3 Tips To Reduce Your Home Heating Expenses

The cost of energy has soared over the past ten years and it looks like it’s going to continue in that way. However it is still possible to make savings on your domestic heating bill if you follow these 3 tips.

  1. If you have any rooms in your home that you rarely, or never use, make sure the heating vents in those rooms are shut down. What is the point in wasting money heating rooms that you don’t use on a regular basis.
  2. Take advantage of the sun. This is free energy you can use to heat up your home. Make sure all your drapes and shades are open during the day. Close them all up again in the evening to keep the heat in.
  3. If you have fireplaces you are not using make sure the dampers are closed. When the damper is shut check it to make sure cold air is not still seeping in. When you are using the fireplace make sure any other heat in your home is reduced or turned off.

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  1. Kylie Ofiu

    Excellent tips. There are so many things you can do to reduce your heating bill. We were lazy last winter and our bill skyrocketed. We are adamant we will never pay a high bill like that again!

  2. Marc Brown

    Awesome tips! Thanks for the post! Here I’d like to add one more tip with the readers, which I’ve myself applied. I’ve replaced my old thermostat with a programmable one this fall. Though it cost me $129, I’m sure I’ll get back the money withing a few months. My electric bills will certainly drop as I can now adjust the heat on a predetermined schedule. When I’m away or sleeping, it’ll lower the heat itself. 🙂

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